What We Believe

In a world strife with division, we at Free to Choose believe that we are witnessing the greatest opportunity in recent history to unite as a free people; no matter your creed, spirituality, religion, race, or political leanings. Our government no longer represents the will of the people; instead they only mean to rule. Our strategy is simple; grow in NUMBERS and DON’T COMPLY. Exemptions and accommodations will be temporary measures in Washington State; their goal is 100% compliance. Taking a stand is the only option for success, DON’T COMPLY, follow your own will, it’s your God given right to do so. The power is in numbers, not compliance. Join us in restoring our inalienable rights.

  • All people are worthy of respect.

  • COVID-19 is a tragic pandemic that merits mitigation with all reasonable and available tools (including vaccination).

  • There are valid and good reasons to abstain or wait on currently available COVID-19 vaccines.

  • Science depends on transparency, openness and most of all, good-faith debate.

  • Our leaders have generally let us down throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by playing into divisiveness, fear, and ultimatums.

  • The rise of authoritarianism by mandates and censorship, while arguably justified initially, has gone too far.

  • Current COVID-19 employment-based vaccine mandates, especially those made under executive order, are both ethically and practically wrong.

  • Social media has been a complicit and compounding force of today's problems, and the public must start relying on other tools and resources.

Our Objective: A repeal of COVID-19 vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and the governor's emergency powers through non compliance.

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